Elite: Dangerous Index | Sol A 3

Robigo Passenger Missions

Warning: this is so effective it’s considered game-breaking.

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Mission Flow:
  • Passenger missions from Hauser’s Reach (L) or Robigo Mines (M)
    • Only accept passenger missions to Sirius Atmospherics
    • Robigo Mines does not have the System Authority presence that Hauser’s Reach does, and many of these passengers are illegal criminals
  • Jump to Sothis and fly towards planet A 5 or Newholm Station until you’re approximately 1000ls out
  • Switch to nav panel on the left and target Sirius Atmospherics
  • Upon arrival, scan the Tourist Beacon by targeting it
  • Once scan is complete return passengers to Hauser’s Reach or Robigo Mines
Optimizing Payouts:

The best thing you can do is first accept rewards that give more reputation than anything else. This boosts your standing with the faction and unlocks higher paying missions. Once you have allied status, you may then accept the credit payouts that are in the millions, some missions valuing over 5,000,000 credits!

Engineer the FSD until you have at least a 30.1 Ly jump range. This can reduce the number of jumps required from 3 to 2, saving you precious time and increasing credits per hour.

EDI notes:

Sirius Atmospherics can be found by targeting Newholm Station (Sothis) or planet A 5. It will show on your navigation panel to the left when you’re within 1000ls.

Total profits depend directly on how many missions you can accept and profit per hour depends largely on your ship’s jump range. You’ll have to work up to a Python, as fully outfitted it’s in the area of $65M credits.

Using this ship (full loadout can be purchased at these stations) will net closer to $90M-$100M credits per hour over CMDR Exigeous‘ $60M.